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Barrel Lock Meter Keys | Electrical Utility Meter Key

Barrel Lock Meter Keys | Open Electrical Meter Panel


Tips On Protecting Your Utilities While on Vacation

Posted by Charles on 13 July, 2016 at 19:50

One of the best ways to feel safe and secure with regard to your utilities while on vacation is to simply use the right type of locking device. While there are many ways to lock utilities, only a barrel lock meter key and lock combination will ensure that utilities will not be stolen or compromised while you are away. From an electrical meter panel to a water main or gas line, a barrel lock with its innovative and unique meter key will keep you utilities safe for a weekend or for the entire summer. Ultimately, homeowners and business owners can save a considerable amount of money by simply using this type of blocking arrangement. The good news is that barrel lock meter keys that are used to open a barrel lock cylinder lock are unique and different from a standard locking system. This helps to guarantee that your utilities will not be hacked or compromised while you are out of town. Using a plunger assembly that is combined with a spring and other components, a meter key is intended to open only a specific type of cylinder lock. Those trying to access utilities in an unauthorized way will find it virtually impossible to defeat or overcome a modern cylinder lock or barrel lock assembly. Consider these innovative and reliable locks next time you plan a vacation or even a weekend getaway. Contact barrel lock meter key today for the best in barrel locks, utility keys and other types of locking devices.

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