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Barrel Lock Meter Keys | Electrical Utility Meter Key

Barrel Lock Meter Keys | Open Electrical Meter Panel

City Meter Key

The city water key is a version of a plunger style key that is used usually with a cylinder style lock or what is known as a barrel lock. This key/lock pair is very unique and very difficult to defeat. That is why the electric meter key lock and the gas meter key are so popular among homeowners, builders, business owners and construction workers. Most importantly, utility workers find that a master water and power meter key or what is known simply as a master meter key is one of the best types of tools to have on hand for all jobs. Many utility workers carry multiple keys in their vehicle so that they may access utilities on short notice. Homeowners that may be going on vacation will find that having an electric meter key lock or other type of utility master key can help to protect utilities while no one is at home.

Most importantly, a master water utility meter key or other type of master key must be well maintained and cared for to ensure that it will work when needed. Fortunately, many of today's modern plunger style keys or master utility keys have a protective plastic cover that will keep dirt, water, dust and grime out. This helps to ensure the long-term viability of one of these important types of master meter tools. With so much to offer it is clear to see why more people than ever before are making use of modern public utility meter keys to protect utilities. Contractors and home improvement professionals also routinely use these keys when doing remodeling and renovation style jobs. Contact our team of professionals today to find the perfect key to fit your exact needs.